Episode 16- Accessible Mentorship

This episode focuses on what accessible mentorship could look like in academic spaces. It provides five concepts to consider, but also gives examples of the kinds of mentorship spaces found in academe, gaps in inclusion in mentorship models, and emphasizes how advising and mentorship are not always the same thing. Transcript for Episode 16 Accessible …

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Episode 14- Font Choices

This episode discusses the font choices we make when publishing materials in different modalities. It asks us to pause and reflect on how the fonts we choose can impact the user experience and accessibility of sharing information. This is an important conversation, not only for content creators, but for editors and those who are in …

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Episode 13- Plain Language

This episode talks about plain language and easy read and why it is important to know about these ways of providing information in higher education spaces. It provides resources with examples of each to support this in resource creation and calls for sharing examples that have been useful in higher education. Transcript for Episode 13 …

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Episode 12- Sensory Bias

This episode explores places where sensory bias can be found in educational spaces. It identifies three places to focus on to support course design, assignment design, and resource sharing that is not biased on a single sensory use. Transcript for Episode 12 Sensory Bias Resources related to the episode Writing Learning Outcomes Resource from Yale …

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Episode 10-Season One Recap

Episode 10 recaps some of the most engaged with topics from Season One, and answers questions received this season. It also gives a preview of what to expect for Season Two and when to expect new episodes of Accessagogy. Transcript for Episode 10 Season One Recap Resources related to episode Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Episode 9- Accessible Conferences

Episode 9 focuses on some things to think about when you are planning a conference. The episode presents six strategies applicable for on-site, online, or hybrid conferences. These are not comprehensive strategies, but rather a strong place to start when planning events. Transcript for Episode 9 on Accessible Conferences Resources Related to Episode Episode 5 …

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Episode 8 – Stroller Moments

Episode 8 focuses on what I call stroller moments, those moments when accessibility becomes personal, like when a stroller doesn’t fit in an elevator, doorway, method of transportation. It is a reflective episode asking those who are engaging to think about who you can talk to in your own spaces to make things more accessible. …

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Episode 7- Accessible Online Pedagogy

Episode 7 focuses on six things you may want to think about to make your online pedagogy more accessible. The strategies here are for synchronous online courses or for hybrid courses with synchronous online elements. Transcript for Episode 7 on Accessible Online Pedagogy Resources Mentioned in Episode Timechecked Agenda example by Dr. sarah madoka currie …

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