Ann Gagné, PhD

Accessible pedagogy, inclusive teaching and learning, and community building

Headshot of Ann Gagne. She has grey and brown hair and is wearing dark rimmed glasses. She is in front of water and is wearing a light blue shirt.


Workshop and Presentations

Ann is available for workshops and presentations. Abstracts are included in this section.

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Accessagogy Podcast

The Accessagogy podcast is a podcast focused on accessible pedagogy.


Ann has been blogging at All Things Pedagogical since 2009.


Ann’s brief background, education, experience, selected publications and media outreach.

Available for

Workshops and Presentations

On accessible pedagogy, teaching online in an inclusive way, inclusive conference design and organization, Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


I am happy to consult with college and university teams and groups on how to make events, courses, and activities more accessible.


Are you a first-generation/first-in-family graduate student, or a precariously-employed instructor? Please reach out, I would love to chat about supports that you may be looking for and not finding in your spaces, based on lived-experience and experience within colleges and universities.

Supporting Community Building

Accessible Pedagogy Discord

Are you looking for a community of accessible pedagogy practitioners? Do you need a space to brainstorm and workshop accessible pedagogy ideas? Use the contact form below to express your interest in accessible pedagogy and what connections you have to this work.

Disability Reading Group

Are you looking for a group of folk to read disability theory, fiction, and non-fiction together? I help organize and support a reading group that has been running for 2 years. So far we have read Academic Ableism, Mad at School, All’s Well, Disability Visibility, Black Disability Politics, Care Work, and Exile and Pride together.

Next reading group sign up will happen in January.

Social Media Presence

I have been active on Twitter since 2011. Please reach out to me there @AnnGagne

Now also on Mastodon Mastodon

You can also find me on LinkedIn

Thank you for visiting!

I look forward to being in community with you!

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