Ann leans on her hand. She is wearing a grey blazer and a light blue scarf. She has grey and brown hair and is wearing dark rimmed glasses


Ann (she/her) is a queer settler with disabilities who is passionate about increasing awareness of accessible pedagogy to include disabled learners. She has been working and teaching in higher education at colleges and universities in Ontario for 18 years. Her doctoral studies focused on the representation of tactility in Victorian literature and it is this research on the sensory and her lived experience that guides her passion and work in supporting accessible pedagogy. She has a certificate in curriculum development and instructional design and has used this training, experience, and awareness of the need for inclusive and accessible pedagogies in her work as an instructional designer, curriculum developer, and educational developer for the last 12 years.

Selected Accessibility and UDL articles

Gagné, A. (2023). Academic Integrity, Ableist Assessment Design, and Pedagogies of Disclosure. In Eaton, S.E. (eds) Handbook of Academic Integrity. Springer.

Gagné, A. (2022.) Advocating for accessibility: the gap in the academic development community. International Journal for Academic Development. DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2022.2161203

Yusun, T.J. & Gagné, A. (2021). Towards a supportive math pedagogy: Power dynamics and academic integrity considerations. Canadian Perspectives on Academic Integrity.

Gagné, A. & Grimaldi, A. (2021). Designing Together from Moment to Movement: A Faculty Framework for Access Online. The Journal of Applied Instructional Design.

Duc, D. & Gagné, A. (2020). Touching the Untouchable: Connecting, Ethical Caring, and Teaching During Covid 19. MAI Feminism & Visual Culture Journal.

Selected Workshops and Presentations

Cape Breton University UTP. Trauma-Aware Pedagogy: A Holistic View. August 16, 2022

CALL Conference. Accessibility Literacy: Considerations for Inclusive Teaching and Facilitation. May 28, 2022.

Dalhousie Conference on Teaching and Learning. Trauma-Aware Considerations for Blended Teaching and Learning. May 4, 2022.

PAMLA. Using Twitter for Good: Accessibility Advocacy as Public Humanities. November 21, 2021.

Digital Pedagogy Institute. Centering Needs and Possibilities for Trauma-Aware UDL Through a Discussion Group. August 10, 2021

Selected Podcast Appearances

Ep. 393, Aligning Our Values Through Accessibility with Ann Gagné. Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast. December 23, 2021.

Ethical and Accessible UDL. Think UDL Podcast. May 18, 2021.

Books and Edited Collections

Gagné, A. (2021). Embodying the Tactile in Victorian Literature: Touching Bodies/Bodies Touching. Lexington Press.

Gagné, A. (Ed.).(2021). The Canadian Precariat: Part-Time Faculty and the Higher Education System. Universitas Press.

Resources Created

Conducting an Accessibility and Inclusion Audit (Created in 2019 and updated occasionally) You can share this with your group or team but please credit where you found it. Thank you!

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