Episode 3- Accessible Pedagogy Is Not Just UDL

Episode 3- Accessible Pedagogy Is Not Just UDL

Episode 3 focuses on what could be considered part of accessible pedagogy, and how accessible pedagogy is not just UDL (Universal Design for Learning).

Transcript for Episode 3 on accessible pedagogy

Resources from the episode

Find out who is responsible for website and built environment accessibility in your institution

Article by Frederic Fovet on UDL and disability services

Blog post by Sarah E. Silverman on inclusive teaching and the disability gap

Article I wrote about why “for all” discourse can be a problem

An Introduction to UDL thread on Twitter by sarah madoka currie

Conducting an Accessibility and Inclusion Audit in your courses in terms of teaching and learning. Feel free to share this if you feel it would be helpful at your institution.

Blog post by Anne-Marie Scott on EdTech and Procurement

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