Episode 1 of Accessagogy Transcript

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0-0:11 Orthotonics Accessible as Gravity plays and fades out

0:11 Hello and welcome to Accessagogy a podcast about accessibility and pedagogy. I’m your host Ann Gagné and this podcast is recorded on treaty 13 land on the traditional land of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

0:27 Welcome to episode one! In this episode I am going to give you an overview of what to expect from the podcast, the kind of schedule I am looking at in terms of new episodes, and the ways that you can engage with this podcast as well.

0:41 So I am going to be honest I have been thinking about this podcast for more than a year and it has kinda taken me up till now to do it because ironically enough, creating and distributing a podcast can be not very accessible as there are many things to think about.

0:58 So the idea for this podcast is that in 10, 15, or maybe 20 minutes depending on the topic, I will discuss one aspect of how to make your pedagogy more accessible.

1:10 I will share strategies, resources, and contextual practices that may support teaching and learning in universities and colleges.

1:19 I am also thinking of an every other week schedule to start and see how that will work.  So I hope that you will be, bear with me as I get a schedule together.

1:33 In the next episodes of this season, I will discuss aspects of pedagogy and accessibility that have direct application to educational spaces. So for example episode 2 will be about using alt texts and how alt text is both a great accessibility practice but can also be a good teaching and learning opportunity in every class.

1:56 I also have episodes planned on accessible documents and accessible document creation, as well as presenting either at conferences or in your educational spaces in a more accessible manner.

2:08 I also want this to be a space where you can ask questions and share concepts that you would like me to discuss as well.

2:16 So if you have ideas or aspects of your pedagogy that you would like me to address in this podcast, please feel free to send me an email at accessagogy so that’s acc e ss a gogy at gmail dot com. I will try to include as many suggestions as I can in the podcast because ultimately this podcast is for you. So that’s it, that’s episode 1, thanks for following along and asking how can I make my space more accessible today? Have a great week!

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